Currently The Sixth Awakening is funded in two ways: Ads and Patreon. I do not want to abuse the ads, so I will still need a lot of support from my fans. Depending on how things go, I will also consider removing the ads altogether to improve the experience for everyone when that no longer endangers the development of the game.


Supporting me on Patreon comes with certain benefits of course. Except for in small ways my Patrons will have no influence on the story and gameplay of The Sixth Awakening itself. I want to keep my vision for the game pure and do not feel comfortable developing a game that constantly needs to appease the wants and desires of its Patrons, as that, in my experience, does not usually work out well for such projects. That does not mean I do not appreciate those people that want to support me however. And they will be given certain extras related to the game and the world of said game as a reward for their support. The two main ones are described in detail down below. I hope these rewards will entice true fans of my work to support me.

Art Commission

Once I earn a minimum of 450 per month through Patreon, I will use some of that money to commission erotic 2D illustrated art (either from talented fans of the game or from professionals) roughly every 4 to 6 weeks. This art will contain characters and scenarios from the game or the larger The Sixth Awakening world. By becoming a Patron you can vote on which characters and scenarios you would like to see.


In my experience it usually takes about 1 to 4 weeks for the artist to finish the piece of art after it has been commissioned (depending on the complexity and the artist's schedule). Once it is done, I will post it on my Patreon page exclusively for my Patrons for 2 weeks. After that it will also be posted on my Twitter account and various other places.

Short Stories

Once I earn a minimum of €300 per month through Patreon, I will start writing short stories that will expand the backstory of the world and the characters of the game. Just like the game they will be of an erotic nature, but they will not be interactive. All of these will become official backstory for the game and are considered canon. They will be between 10000 and 20000 words each, depending on the story and characters I have in mind. New short stories will be published roughly every 4 to 5 weeks.


Unlike the art commissions, these short stories will only be available to my Patrons and I currently have no plans to make them public (but I keep the right to change my mind about that in the future). Before I start writing a short story, I will provide my Patrons with a list of different story ideas that I would like to work with. All of them will most likely eventually be turned into short stories, but the order of publication and some of the details will be voted on by my Patrons. Higher tier Patrons may also provide me with their own story ideas. Stories can (and probably will) be set in almost any historical era and kingdom, as long as that does not give away spoilers for content I have planned for The Sixth Awakening. After the story idea has been chosen, the story will usually be published in roughly 7 days.


If you have any questions about Patreon rewards, feel free to contact me through the Contact tab of this website.