Here is a list of features you can expect when you begin to play The Sixth Awakening. More might be added in the future and I keep the right to remove features at any time if they no longer fit the game. Planned features are not included in this list; all the features listed below can be experienced in the latest public build.


  • A word count of over 127000 words. This includes double lines of dialogue with minor gender alterations and all the dialogue of all the different dialogue options however.
  • Customise your own character in plenty of ways right from the start. Play as either a man or a woman. Play as either a human or an elf. Play as either straight, bisexual or lesbian (which are available depends on your gender). Choose a compliment that best describes your character that will be more frequently used in the dialogue of the game. Choose a 'sexual feature' that your character has a reputation for. Customise your character by altering his/her genetics, in the process determining what your character is good and bad at. Three classes to choose from: Warrior, Rogue & Mage. The game clearly explains all these choices to you during the Character Creation, so don't worry too much about it just yet.
  • 2 entirely unique Origin Stories for you to play through (The Noble Origin and the Wild Elf Origin) with their own stories and characters to meet.
  • 2 (out of 6) companions that you will be able to get in the game are introduced and 'recruited' in the Origin Stories.
  • The beginning of the main story is fully playing after the two Origin Stories.
  • The game features tons and tons of dialogue options so you can express your own personality through the way your character talks. Lots of dialogue options are hidden if your Skills or Genetics are not high enough (or you have the wrong gender or class), so each playthrough will provide you with new options.
  • Dozens of music tracks that you will probably not have heard before from similar Ren'py games, all hand-picked and precisely implemented to fit the tone of the scenes they belong to.
  • A unique visual style that makes this game stand out from the hordes of other similar games.
  • Various gameplay elements that makes this so much more than just your standard Ren'py visual novel.

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