The Sixth Awakening is an erotic video game that began development in February 2020 coded in the Ren'py visual novel engine. It is inspired by many other dark fantasy video games such as The Witcher and Dragon Age, both in tone and in gameplay. The best elements of those games have been fit into The Sixth Awakening to create a game worth experiencing.


The game is currently still in development, but trial versions are available from the Download tab. Regular updates will be published so anyone that desires to do so can follow the story of the game as it develops. Save file comparability between different builds will be kept in mind, but is not guaranteed.


The game allows you to create your own character and allows you to play the game in your own unique way. From dozens of dialogue options to various ways to specialise your character, every playthrough of the game will be unique and tailored to your tastes.


Pick up the sword, bow or magic and fight or seduce your way to victory. The Awakenings are a well-known and unfortunate truth to the people of Cortiana and the surrounding kingdoms. The devastation these recurring historical events caused have been felt for centuries now, the lands that the Awakenings occur on never truly recovering before the next one starts. But they are now a thing of the past. There have been nearly 250 gloriously peaceful years since Irain, hero of the fifth and final Awakening, ended the evil for good. The cycle of heroes rising up to stop an Awakening only for them to mysteriously come back to life to lead the next Awakening themselves had been broken. Or at least that was what was once thought. Rumours from the west suggest that Irain, still celebrated as the heroic figure of legend that stopped the Awakenings for good, has been spotted once more. And so the broken cycle continues. You, chosen by either dumb luck or divine fate, must lead the charge if a new Awakening is truly coming. Answers must be found. Answers to questions that are best left forgotten. Are the Awakenings the Designer's will and his way to fulfill his promise of wiping out all life so he can start anew with his creation, as some have started to believe? And is there truly no way to prevent the hero of each Awakening - including yourself - from one day returning at the head of what they once swore to stop?