Let me just start by saying I appreciate everyone that takes the time to find and report bugs so that I can smooth out the experience for everyone. A game with so many different options and paths is great, but testing it for bugs can be a horror. I do my best, but am certainly not under the illusion that I can find them all myself.


So before reporting a bug that you have found, please read this so I can fix said bugs as easily and as fast as possible. I have created two Google Forms for reporting two types of 'bugs' to me. Using the correct one will save us both a lot of time. The first one is for reporting gameplay bugs and the second is for reporting spelling errors.


Gameplay Bugs

You can report them right here. Please provide a short description of what went wrong, if the bugs was game breaking or not and where in the game you were when you noticed the bug (a short description of the scene/story you were playing through will be fine). Please don't use this option when you are stuck. This is purely for reporting bugs. I will do my best to fix the bugs before the next update is published so no one else will have experience what you experienced. I am afraid I cannot provide save file fixing services to anyone that reports bugs. The game is currently far from being in its final build, so some bugs are to be expected. My apologies for any inconvenience they caused.

Spelling Errors
You can report them right here. Before reporting any, please make sure you are actually playing on the latest build of the game. The more spelling errors you report at once, the more I will appreciate your help. Multiple people reporting the same spelling error is inevitable. But if some people report lots of them at once, that really helps me find them much more quickly. When reporting a spelling error, please provide me with the entire line of dialogue (not everything that appears in the textbox, but just the single line of dialogue this error is part of). And be sure to actually copy the error (don't fix it) so I can search for it. If possible I would also like to know what you think the correct word should be. I am not a native English speaker, so I might simply not realise the mistake otherwise. And lastly I would like a short description of the scene that this line of dialogue is part of so that I know which game file I will need to look up to fix this spelling error.

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